Hotel Management

Mukesh Verma

Hotel General Manager
Mukesh Verma is a graduate of the Green Field College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology-Hyderabad. He has previously worked with Lemon Tree Hotel, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. He was earlier a pre-opening team member for Lemon Tree Hotel, Hinjawadi, Pune and Lemon Tree Hotel, Indore. His last assignment was as Hotel Manager with Lemon Tree Hotel, Electronics City, Bangalore.

Potty Aka Pot Tree

Training Associate
Pot Tree, a male dog, resides at the Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad. His aimless (to the ignorant) scampering fueled by his incredibly high metabolism has led to a prophetic nickname. Due to his swift intake, speedy throughput and copious output, Potty represents our core value of "Excellence".


Spouse of Potty
S'Paw, a female dog, cohabits with Potty in the sylvan surrounds of the Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad. A confident and affectionate dog, s'Paw can normally be found gamboling in the front lawns of the hotel or hanging about near the greenhouse in the backyard .

Queen Mala aka Ma’ lady

Wellness Associate
All dressed in charcoal grey and white, Queen Mala is as exquisite as her name. Perfectly sculptured and with deep pristine eyes, this charmer with a slightly husky bark, can be found engaging with the hotel staff as if to check on every ones well-being and health.

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