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Welcome to Visakhapatnam



Visakhapatnam, or Vizag, a coastal city in Andhra Pradesh, captivates with its allure. Its scenic beaches, verdant hills, and storied past draw travelers seeking diverse experiences. INS Kursura Submarine Museum intrigues history buffs, while Kailasagiri Hill Park offers panoramic vistas. A soul-stirring sojourn to the mystical Araku Valley awaits.

Culinary delights abound, from savory seafood to flavorful biryani and delightful pootharekulu. Dolphin's Nose viewpoint thrills, Rishikonda Beach beckons with boat rides, and Borra Caves inspire mystical explorations. Vizag harmoniously blends adventure and serenity, welcoming all who seek a memorable vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions


The best time to visit Visakhapatnam is during the winter months, from October to March. The weather during this period is pleasant and ideal for exploring the city and its coastal attractions.


For shopping, head to Jagadamba Junction and Poorna Market for a variety of local products and handicrafts. You can find traditional clothing, artifacts, and local specialties here.


Visakhapatnam celebrates various festivals with fervor. The Visakha Utsav, a three-day cultural festival, showcases the region's arts, crafts, and music. The festival of Navratri, Diwali, and Makar Sankranti are also celebrated with enthusiasm.


Visakhapatnam is known for its beautiful beaches. Some popular ones include R.K. Beach (Ramakrishna Beach), Yarada Beach, Bheemili Beach, and Rushikonda Beach. These beaches offer scenic views, water sports, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Visakhapatnam offers a mix of natural beauty and historical landmarks. Don't miss visiting the Submarine Museum, INS Kursura, Kailasagiri Hill Park, Dolphin's Nose, and Araku Valley for a memorable experience.

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