About the Program
+What is Lemon Tree Smiles?

Lemon Tree Smiles is the rewards program of the Lemon Tree Hotels Company, that rewards guests for their stays in any of the 3 brands of the Lemon Tree Hotel Company; Lemon Tree Hotels, Lemon Tree Premier and Red Fox Hotels. We reward guests for their decision to make LTH their choice of Hotel.

+What are the participating hotels?

The three brands of the Lemon Tree Company participate –

  • • Lemon Tree Premier,
  • • Lemon Tree Hotels and
  • • Red Fox Hotels

+Who can become a member?

Anyone above the age of 18 years can enroll to become a member of Lemon Tree Smiles.

Enrolling into the Program
+How do I enroll for Lemon Tree Smiles?

There are 2 simple ways to become a Lemon Tree Smiles member:

1)Online: Log onto lemontreehotels.com and sign up for the membership online.

2)In person: You can approach a Front Office employee at any of the participating hotels and ask to be enrolled.

+Is there an enrolment fee?

No, there is no enrolment fee.

+Will I get my membership card?

Lemon Tree Smiles offers a virtual membership card. You can view your account details by logging into the website lemontreehotels.com.

Earning points
+How do I earn Lemon Tree Smiles Points?

To earn Lemon Tree Smiles points, a member must be registered with the Lemon Tree Smiles program. A member becomes a Silver member when enrolled. Silver members will be awarded 10 points, Gold members 11 points and Platinum members 12 points for every INR 100 spent on rooms only.

+How can I credit my Lemon Tree Smiles Points?

If you are a member with Lemon Tree Smiles, your points will be automatically credited in your account, within 24-48 hours after you check out from the hotel.

+Will I earn Lemon Tree Smiles points for stays I have undertaken at Lemon Tree before enrolling into the Program?

Lemon Tree Smiles points are earned only after enrolling and staying in the hotel.

+Which type of stay/s will not make me eligible for earning points?

There are a few stays and rates which do not qualify for earning of points. These are:

  • Indian or International OTA
  • Room rates for airline staff and crew, airline transient guests and layovers
  • Employee rates
  • Complimentary rooms
  • Special negotiated company packages
  • Group bookings of more than 3 rooms in one name
  • Banquet and conference rooms
  • Charter bookings (specific to Goa)

+Will I get points irrespective of number of rooms I book?

You will get points for maximum of three rooms booked under your name. Amongst the rooms that you have booked, you will get the points credited for the top three highest rooms spent only.

+If I book more than one room, will the guests of all rooms get the tier benefits?

The membership benefits can only be availed only for one room booked under your (the members) name.

+How long will it take to credit the points to my account after checkout?

Your Lemon Tree Smiles account will be credited with the eligible points within 24-48 hours from the time of check-out of each stay.

Membership Tier and benefits
+What are the different membership tiers of Lemon Tree Smiles?

Lemon Tree Smiles has three membership tiers - Silver, Gold and Platinum. You become a Silver member as soon as you enroll in the program.

+How does my Tier upgrade?

Ways to upgrade
(In a 12 months period)












+What are my Membership Benefits?





Earn points on every stay

Free Room Nights

Partner Redemption Options

Dedicated Customer Service Line

Bonus Points for Online Bookings

Exclusive Membership Offers

Exclusive Silver Tier Offers

Exclusive Gold Tier Offers

Exclusive Platinum Tier Offers

Pre-launch offers preview

Earn Points bonus



Complimentary Room Upgrade**

√ (Suite)

Early Check-In from 9 am & Late Check-out till 3 pm**

2nd Guest stays free**

Get 2 pieces of your Laundry done for Free (once per stay)

Free Wifi 24x7˜

√ (High Speed)

Surprise offers on Birthday/Anniversary*

48 Hrs Room Guarantee**

Invites to all LTH events ***

• T&C:

*For members whose profiles are updated with the correct details
**Not applicable on peak dates (peak dates decision are at the discretion of The Lemon Tree Hotels Company)
***At the discretion of The Lemon Tree Hotels Company
˜For Silver members, free Wifi is valid on all properties except; Lemon Tree Vembanad lake Resort, Kerala, Lemon Tree Premier, Jaipur and Red Fox Hotel, Jaipur. Silver members will be eligible for free Wifi for all bookings made on Lemontreehotels.com.

+Can my spouse, children or parents use my membership?

  • The membership and the accruing benefits and privileges are restricted to the members only.
  • Spouse, children or parents cannot enjoy the benefits and privileges of the membership unless the member is physically present with them (please refer to tier benefits).
  • However, free room nights that you earn can be gifted. (The points earned by the members are non-transferable)

+I am a Gold/Platinum member. Will I always get an upgrade at check in?

Depending on your tier, you will be upgraded to the higher room category/suite on every stay but it would be subject to availability of the rooms in the Hotel on that day.

+What is the internet speed for complimentary internet?

  • Silver and Gold members get standard internet speed, for complimentary internet.
  • Platinum members get high speed internet for their stay as a benefit.
  • For Silver members, free Wifi is valid on all properties except; Lemon Tree Vembanad lake Resort, Kerala, Lemon Tree Premier, Jaipur and Red Fox Hotel, Jaipur. Silver members will be eligible for free Wifi for all bookings made on Lemontreehotels.com.

Points Expiry
+Will my points expire?

Yes, your points will expire in two financial years plus the subsequent quarter from the month you have earned.

For e.g.:

  • If points were earned on 15th Jan 2013 then these points will expire on 1st April 2015.
  • Similarly, any points earned on 30th Dec 2013 will also expire on 1st Jan 2015.
  • Similarly, any points earned on 17th may 2013 will expire on 1st July 2015.

The quarters are defined as: Jan, April, July and October.

Tier Retention and Tier Expiry
+How do I retain my tier status?

To retain:

Gold membership, Gold members should earn 7500 points or stay 3 times in 12 months period from the time they become a Gold member and Platinum members should earn 12500 points or stay 10 times in 12 months period from the time they become a Platinum member.

Points Redemption
+What are the redemption options available to members?

We offer a host of redemption opportunities to our members:

  • Room Nights
  • Shopping Vouchers

+How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points, you can either:


+If I redeem my points for room nights, will I have to pay any extras?

Yes, the government taxes on redeemed room night and any extra’s apart from room (breakfast etc.) are to be paid by the guest on check out.

+I am a Gold/ Platinum member. Will I be able to enjoy the membership benefits for the redeemed room night?

The membership benefits are applicable to paid rooms only.

+Is breakfast included for the redeemed room night?

For the redeemed room night, breakfast is chargeable. All extra charges can be settled at the time of check out.

+Is there any time of the year that I cannot redeem my points for room nights (blackout dates)?

p>Yes, redemption of points for room nights are always subject to availability. Apart from that, there are 2 periods in the year where a guest cannot redeem points for room nights:

  • 20th December to 10th January and
  • 13th August to 18th August

As these are the blackout dates.

+The redeemed room night is for which category of room?

The redeemed room night is for base category rooms only.

+Can I pay extra and upgrade myself?

No, we do not have a provision for a paid upgrade.

+As a Gold/Platinum member, are 2 pieces laundry free for all the days I am in-house?

Your entitlement is 2 pieces of laundry once during the entire stay.

+Can I redeem my points for room nights at Front Desk?

You need to make a reservation for a redeemed room night 72 hours (working hours) prior to your check in.

+Can I check out, collect my points and check in again to redeem for free room night?

Points get credited only after 24 hours. Therefore, your account will show insufficient balance to redeem a room night. Also, you need to make reservation for the redeemed room night 3 days before check in.

Cancellation Policy
+How do I cancel reservation for the redeemed room night?

To cancel your reservation for the redeemed room night, please write in to smiles@lemontreehotels.com.

+Will all my points be refunded in case of cancellation of redeemed room night reservation?

If a guest has redeemed a room night and has cancelled the booking, there may be a penalty levied on the points depending on type of cancellation:
a) Cancellation done 72 hours before arrival: 100% refund of points
b) Cancellation done 48 hours before arrival: 25% refund of points
c) Cancellation done 24 hours before arrival: No refund.
d) No show: No refund

How to use my Complimentary Vouchers
+How can I use the Complimentary vouchers in my account?

To use the Complimentary vouchers in your account, all you need to is, take a print of the voucher and present it to the Front Desk of the Hotel at the time of check in or simply quote the voucher number to the Front Desk while checking in.

In case of Missing Points
+How do I report my missing points?

In case of points missing for any stays, you can either:

  • Login to your account on Lemontreehotels.com and registered a Claim Missing Points request, or
  • Write to smiles@lemontreehotels.com with the details of your stay for which the points have not been credited.

You would be required to furnish relevant information regarding the particular stay.

Membership Expiry
+Will my membership expire?

The membership will expire if the account has 2 continuous years of inactivity from the last date of stay.

Contact Us Info
+Will my membership expire?

Email id: smiles@lemontreehotels.com
Helpdesk No.: 01166588583

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